Posted by: Susan | March 21, 2008

The Best Way to Medicate a Cat


I’m serious here….there is a way!!  Thanks to awesome Rene’ at our vet’s office, I can give my nasty cat Wrecks his daily thyroid pill without fear of bodily injury to me or him.  The answer is Pill Pockets, which is a soft treat with a pocket into which you tuck the pill.  Genius, right?  AND HE DOESN’T FIND THE PILL AND SPIT IT OUT!!  Of course, your critter (they are also made for dogs, although good old peanut butter works just fine) must be into treats or all bets are off.  Available at Petsmart for $6.99 for the cat size, and your vet also probably carries them at a higher price (I paid $8.99 and would have paid just about anything.)  Since Wrecks will have to have medication for the rest of his life, this invention literally saved him.



  1. Okay, I get to be first. I could have used that when we had this cat that bit every single time you tried to give her a worm pill.

    I am so glad you started this. I think they are fun. I don’t have one but maybe someday. Right now I need to know what to do to get you to come back for our class reunion. I am sure you want to see everyone – especially ME. We were absolute best friends in high school so I know you miss me a little.

  2. I miss you a LOT!

  3. I used to use liverwurst with my old animals but wouldn’t you know my new cat won’t touch the stuff so had to get liquid antbiotics and put them in milk. Of course the milk had to be nuked for 10 sec ’cause Roger doesn’t like his mil cold. Oh yeah, it can’t be any less than 2% mil either, he won’t drink no fat. I think I cater to my pets too much. Hmmm….Nahh.

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