Posted by: Susan | March 28, 2008

The Best Online Music Radio Station

Can be found at    You create your own radio stations with the type of music and/or artists you like and enjoy it with nary a commercial or traffic update to be heard.  It’s called The Music Genome Project, and there is a good explanation of how it works on the site.  In a nutshell, you enter a song or artist you like and it will play songs of that genre.  If they play something you don’t like, just nix it and you won’t hear it again.  You can create several stations – say you like country sometimes and opera at other times – and mix them together if you feel so inclined.  It’s really easy and it’s free.

There are, of course, license issues that may prevent them from playing the exact artist you are looking for, but it will substitute someone who is of the same style, and I have found some great new music that way.

There are other features as well — you can bookmark songs, share your finds with others and download music to your phone, to name a few (although that last one may not be free).  And they don’t bug you, other than an occasional email to tell you what’s new.    I hope you’ll try it and leave me your comments.



  1. Really cool…thanks!

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