Posted by: Susan | April 9, 2008

The Best Tips For Surviving a Crisis (Part 1)

I can’t take credit for these, nor can I give credit where it’s due because I don’t know the original author.  I cut them out of a newspaper somewhere years ago, and all I have is the yellowed clipping without a clue as to where it came from.  When I spent my days in an office, the clipping was under the plastic pad on my desk and travelled with me from city to city, from desk to desk.  When I left corporate life, it got buried in the box of personal belongings I toted home.  I came across it a few weeks ago and was delighted to find it.  If I knew who wrote or compiled the list, I would happily give him/her all the credit.  And don’t ask me why it’s titled as it is, but I suppose these thoughts are as good as any in a crisis.

I post only the first ten here in hopes of prompting your return (there are 30 in all), and I will complete the list when the spirit moves me.  So stay tuned.

  • Indecision is the key to flexibility.
  • There is always one more jerk than you had counted on.
  • If you ever find anything you like, buy a lifetime supply of it because they will stop making it.
  • All things being equal, fat people use more soap.
  • You can’t tell which way the train went by looking at the tracks.
  • Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle.
  • This is as bad as it can get, but don’t count on it.
  • There is absolutely no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation.
  • Happiness is merely the remission of pain.
  • By the time you make ends meet, they move the ends.


The next ten are really good, by the way.



  1. I can’t wait for the next ten. These are so true. Especially the one about buying it now because it will be dicontinued. I still pine for Revlon Geranium red lipstick. It was just the right shade of red/orange that didn’t look garish on me(really)(at least I didn’t think it looked garish)(Maybe it was garish-Oh the pain of indecision, maybe I’ll go and eat a Little Debbie devil cake, that should put my pain in remission, I’m flexible, a nutty buddy will work too.

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