Posted by: Susan | April 14, 2008

The Best Elevator Story Ever

“Well, it was quite shocking, I must say — there was blood
everywhere!” Alfred Hitchcock began suddenly from the rear of the
elevator.  We were in the New York St. Regis Hotel, heading down to the
lobby. There was a slight flush to his cheeks from the several frozen
daiquiris he had just drunk in his suite. The elevator had just stopped
and 3 people dressed for the evening had joined us, and immediately Mr.
Hitchcock had started to speak, sounding as though he were in
midsentence and projecting in that careful and familiar TV tone of his.

     He went on, “There was a stream of blood coming from his ear
and another from his mouth.”

     The people had recognized him immediately, but now they seemed
purposely to avoid looking at him. He went right on, gazing beatifically
ahead of him as the elevator stopped again and another well-dressed
couple came aboard: “Of course, there was a huge pool of blood on the
floor and his clothes were spattered with it — Oh, it was a horrible

     No one on the elevator, it seemed, was breathing. “Blood all
around! Well, I looked at the poor man and and I said, ‘Good God, What
happened to you?'” At that point the elevator doors opened onto the
lobby, and Hitchcock said, “Do you know what he told me?” and then
paused. After a moment, and quite reluctantly, the other passengers
moved out of the elevator and then looked back at the director as we
walked away.

     After several foggy moments, I asked, “Well, what DID he say?”
and Hitchcock smiled benevolently, taking my arm, and said, “Oh,
nothing — that’s just my elevator story.”

        — Peter Bogdanovich



  1. This is a great old yarn – and no one tells it better than Bogdanovich.

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