Posted by: Susan | July 17, 2008

The Best Fix For Problem Nails

Up until a few years ago, my nails were my pride and joy. Strong, well shaped, I got lots of compliments on them. Can’t take any credit for it; it’s all in the genes. But then I developed two problem nails that became very thin and ultimately split horizontally. No matter how short I trimmed them, as soon as they passed the tip of the finger, they started to split. I tried everything – products from manicurists, Knox gelatin, drank Instant Breakfast every day for weeks (recommended by my hair stylist) silk wraps, acrylics – you name it, nothing helped. After nearly having the nails ripped clean off by manicurists who apparently didn’t believe me when I said they were problems, I finally went back to doing my own manicures. And I tried something I’d bought a while back — Miracle Nail Fix. And after using it for a few weeks, I noticed they were no longer splitting. And even seem to be getting stronger. And I suddenly realized maybe my problems were over!

It’s like clear polish, and I just use it as a base coat on all my nails. Now I can’t remember where I bought it – it was probably either Sally’s Beauty Supply or Ulta, and I haven’t been to either one lately to check. I still have plenty on hand, but I did Google it and it is readily available online. It’s $2.99 most places I checked, and I’d pay ten times that, it’s that good. So if you have similar problems, go and get yourself some of this stuff!  Oh, and be sure to get the full product name — there are lots of things out there with the work “miracle” in them, so be sure to get the right one.

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