Posted by: Susan | August 14, 2008

A Cool New Search Engine

This is really a unique one.  It’s called, and it gives you the results visually.   So instead of a list of pages with links to each one, you get a smaller version of the actual pages that you can flip through and pick the ones you want to explore further.  For example, I’m looking for a Moen kitchen faucet, so I Googl….er, searched for Moen faucets and got a stack of pages to look through.  (When did “to Google” become a verb???)   Click here to see my stack.

You can create and save a stack of web pages that you visit regularly and they’re all in one place for you.  You can email the links to your stacks or insert them into a blog.  At this point, I cannot actually insert the stack itself into my blog, but I believe they are working on this (and it might actually work now with some other blog platforms).

You can also search for still images and videos.  So with my sheepdog obsession, I can see all the sheepdog videos and photos a lot easier than looking for them on You Tube and a bunch of other sites.

This site is in beta stage, so don’t expect perfection just yet, but they are looking for any and all feedback to make it better.  In fact, I’ve already emailed them about an issue and got a quick response.

And remember, you saw it here first!

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