Posted by: Susan | October 27, 2008

The Best Reason to Vote for John McCain (With an Appended Note)

If you believe in economic freedom, if you believe in the Constitution of the United States, you owe it to yourself to listen to this in its entirety.  Unedited, uncut, the words of Barack Obama as he shares his core beliefs.  Listen to it carefully, and think.


Granted, this is heavy stuff, and if you come to this blog just for the sweet and light, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  But as this excerpt from an article by Bill Whittle clearly states, this is a critical issue and a critical time for all of us as Americans (read more of his article here):

“The United States of America — five percent of the world’s population — leads the world economically, militarily, scientifically, and culturally — and by a spectacular margin. Any one of these achievements, taken alone, would be cause for enormous pride. To dominate as we do in all four arenas has no historical precedent. That we have achieved so much in so many areas is due — due entirely — to the structure of our society as outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

The entire purpose of the Constitution was to limit government. That limitation of powers is what has unlocked in America the vast human potential available in any population.

Barack Obama sees that limiting of government not as a lynchpin but rather as a fatal flaw: “…One of the, I think, the tragedies of the Civil Rights movement was because the Civil Rights movement became so court-focused, uh, I think that there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change. And in some ways we still suffer from that.”

There is no room for wiggle or misunderstanding here. This is not edited copy. There is nothing out of context; for the entire thing is context — the context of what Barack Obama believes. You and I do not have to guess at what he believes or try to interpret what he believes. He says what he believes.

We have, in our storied history, elected Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives and moderates. We have fought, and will continue to fight, pitched battles about how best to govern this nation. But we have never, ever in our 232-year history, elected a president who so completely and openly opposed the idea of limited government, the absolute cornerstone of makes the United States of America unique and exceptional.

If this does not frighten you — regardless of your political affiliation — then you deserve what this man will deliver with both houses of Congress, a filibuster-proof Senate, and, to quote Senator Obama again, “a righteous wind at our backs.”

That a man so clear in his understanding of the Constitution, and so opposed to the basic tenets it provides against tyranny and the abuse of power, can run for president of the United States is shameful enough.”



  1. Susan, sorry to “borrow” your blog material (again) (last time, I swear) but this issue of Socialism and redistribution of wealth is so important that I’m going to embed the same material in my blog and two personal websites. We are going to have to pull out all the stops if we’re going to have an impact in this election.

    If anyone can listen to this interview and not see Obama’s true agenda…well, I don’t even know what to say about that.

    Anyway, I’m off to update a few websites now.


    PS What are we posting on our blogs next week? Heh. (kidding, kidding) (not really)

  2. Borrow away, and post it anywhere you can think of! There is a belief that YouTube will try to take it down, so upload it there as well if you feel like it. It needs to get out there! Next week, we’ll be posting about the celebrations, my friend.

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