Posted by: Susan | November 5, 2008

The Best Day to Be a Dog (or Cat)

At 5:30 this morning, when the humans of the house just wanted to crawl under a rock for, say, about four years, Toby was scratching at the door just as he always does when his daddy’s home (when Don’s away, Toby lets mommy sleep a little later).  By 6:30, Alex was up and doing his morning scratch routine that shakes the bed and everyone in it, just like he always does.  Molly snuggled up for her morning belly rub in between snooze alarms, just as she does every morning. 

Down in the kitchen, the coffee was brewing and three cats were lined up and singing for their morning treat, just as they do every morning.  The dogs sat nicely for first their cookies, then their chew sticks, just as they always do.

While the humans showered and dressed, Molly and Toby chased each other around the bed, just as they do every day, while Alex kept watch on the stair landing and waited for his turn to go outside and play fetch, which we do every morning. 

All pretty normal stuff, the stuff of routine that animals crave, and the stuff that proves life does go on, despite disappointments and losses.  Right about now, they’re all pretty well into their morning naps, while we get on with our work day and try to think of the glass as half-full.

Tomorrow is soon enough to act like big girls and boys and get on with it.  But just for  today, I’d rather be a dog.



  1. Cute blog: Good luck with it!

    See mine at:

  2. Thanks for visiting, and I am so, so sorry for your loss. I’ve been though it countless times, but it’s always worth it for the relatively few years we get with them. Hope your pain eases and you are able to look to a new love soon!

  3. Hey Susan, I’ve many times thought that when I come back in my next life I’m going to be the Cat of some wealthy animal lovers. hmm, sleep eat, eat sleep, chase a leaf, sleep. Man what a life. Thanks for the chicken recipes, they sound good. I’ll let you know how we like them. Y

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