Posted by: Susan | December 17, 2008

Another Online Rip-Off (With a P.S.)

Buyer beware of!  I’ve ordered from them a couple of time without incident, but this time I ordered two of the same item and they only shipped one.  Billed me for two, of course.  That’s when I discovered there is NO WAY to contact customer service except via email, to which they don’t respond.

So far, I’ve sent four emails and only get the automated response, “We received your email, blah, blah, blah…”  It’s only an $8 item, but supposedly they have millions of customers…you do the math!  So if all four of my regular readers stay away, I’m sure they’ll really feel the pinch!

For what it’s worth, I have ordered from more times than I can count and have only encountered a problem once.  And that time, they corrected it immediately and actually saved me a little money in the process.  So I can wholeheartedly recommend them without reservation.

P.S.  I ordered from a site today called that sells reading glasses.  The same day I received a call from them that the item I ordered had just sold out and advising me of my options.  I called back and left a voice mail with my choice, and they called again to confirm my choice.  Now that’s customer service!  So if you’re in the market for some reading glasses, now you know where to go.

P.P.S.  Still receiving only automated emails (“do not reply to this email…” from and still no resolution to the problem (one week later).


  1. I love!
    I’ve only had one problem which wasn’t really their fault. And they still offered $5 off my next purchase! I’ve never dealt with though. I’ll make a note of it not to.


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