Posted by: Susan | December 18, 2008

The Best of Times

Those of us who have been on the planet for a certain period of time – oh say, 50 years or more – remember that there wasn’t always jet travel.  We also remember that flying anywhere was an event, one that was relatively expensive and planned well in advance.  We remember dressing up for the experience, being served actual meals on board, and relishing the glamour of it all.  I stumbled across this video the other day that really captures what it was like.

Long-defunct Pan American Airlines ushered in jet travel in this country in 1958.  Pan Am was the first airline to do so in the U.S.  I remember the thrill of being bumped into first class on a Pan Am flight in the ’70’s to the Caribbean.  First class really was first class back in the day.  This is their promotional film from 1958, the “Golden Age” of air travel.  Yup, we smoked on planes in those days.  Anybody else remember American Airlines’ piano bars??


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