Posted by: Susan | December 27, 2008

Top Ten Reasons To Be Glad It’s Over

Christmas, that is.   It’s not that I don’t enjoy all the festivities, the music, the lights, the decorations, the holiday movies, the sentimentality and religious aspects  – I truly do….but it seems to go on longer and longer every year.  And it has become such a Big Deal in our economy, plus we have the culture wars among the atheists and various religious factions over what displays can be where.  It all becomes a bit wearying right about now. 

I’m sure there are legions of people suffering from a post-holiday letdown, especially the younger set.  Personally, I would rather Thanksgiving came after Christmas, because that’s when I really feel the most thankful.  And here are my top ten reasons:

    10. Reruns on TV are almost over.  They just serve to remind me how good Grey’s Anatomy used to be (what’s up with Izzy and the ghost, anyway?  Do they really think that story line will get her the Emmy she whined about last year?)  Besides, it’s almost time for the new season of 24 at long last.  Jack Bauer, we need you now more than ever.
    9. Traffic is lighter.  School is still out, so people are on the roads at all hours.  But unless you’re shopping, you can get all over town in no time.  And in Atlanta, that’s saying something.
    8. Everything’s on sale.  And if you pay any attention at all to the media, you Must Shop Now.  It is your Duty as an American to spend Every Red Cent You Have.  And Then Some.  Go, get in the car and hit the mall.  Don’t even finish reading this!
    7. The begging has stopped.  Or at least let up.  I know the charitable organizations have been hit hard in this recession, but so have I.  I’m losing my job as of next week, as a matter of fact.  But stop calling me five times a day.  I give as much as I can, honest!
    6. The gifts have been given and received.  You can stop worrying whether you spent too much or not enough, whether you got the wrong thing or forgot someone or whether you should or should not give the boss a gift.  It’s over, it’s done, get on with your life.
    5. No more suffering through your spouses’s company party for another year.  Or your own, for that matter.
    4. Leftovers.
    3. Extra time off without a bazillion errands to run. 
    2. Spring is just around the corner.  In Atlanta, anyway.

And the number one reason to be glad Christmas is over….

1. NO MORE CHRISTY LANE COMMERCIALS!!  Who is this woman, anyway??  Once a year, she comes out of nowhere like a groundhog with Christmas songs you’ve never heard of (but can’t get out of your head, they play so often) with her “new” album but with 80’s hair (is that a mullet??)  Nobody I know has ever heard of her!  Somebody must buy this stuff, because obviously she makes enough each year to go away (thank God) for a while then spend a fortune running the same old ad on every TV station at Christmas time. 

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