Posted by: Susan | February 4, 2009

The Best Solution For What Ails Us

I’ve been screaming at communicating with my Senators and Congressman for two years now, trying to get them to pay some attention to the root of all our problems – the collapse of the housing industry.  My job disappeared, my son’s job is down to two days a week, neighbors on both sides of me and across the street lost their jobs, and I know many, many more people who are in dire personal financial straits because of the housing depression.  Even if you haven’t lost a job or know anyone who has, you have likely lost value in your investments and any real estate you own.  Our house, which we bought new 13 years ago, is now worth just about what we paid for it.

And yet our federal government wants to put solar panels in schools and video cameras in police cars (in states YOU DON’T LIVE IN) and a whole host of other nonsense instead of implementing solutions that get to the heart of the real issue.  Here’s an interesting little factoid — if you had spent a million dollars a day since the day of Christ’s birth, you still wouldn’t spend as much as the current administration wants to spend in the next 2-4 years.  Anyway, at least some of the Republicans finally seem to be getting the message.


Once again, if you agree with these sentiments, I ask you to go to and, find your two senators and one congressperson and dash off an email or pick up the phone and call to let them know your opinions.  Our future and your children’s and grandchildren’s and a few more generations beyond that depend on it.  Seriously.

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