Posted by: Susan | April 6, 2009

The Best Products to Clean Windows

This is my front door —

And that sweet face on the inside is just one of three critters that make it their life’s work to monitor and comment upon all activities beyond said door, which work entails much slobbering upon all those little panes of glass.  And the critters are all different heights, so I get to clean the bottom half of this door frequently.  Like every day.  We also have numerous other windows in the house that are dog-nose accessible plus a glass-topped breakfast and coffee tables.  So I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to glass cleaning methods and products.

Nothing beats newspaper and glass cleaner, of course, but that’s messy and time consuming.   Several years ago, I discovered the Mystic Maid microfiber cleaning cloth, which was advertised as cleaning all surfaces without any cleaning solutions.  I bought a couple of them (available on-line at and I am here to tell you that every claim about these cloths is absolutely true.  I keep one in the house and one in the car and couldn’t live without them.  They’ve been through the wash countless times (I’ve had them for at least five years – probably longer) and they look like I bought them yesterday.  Great on glass, stainless steel, tile, wood – I haven’t been disappointed with anything I’ve used them for.  I will point out that it’s best to wring the cloth as dry as possible before using it to avoid water spots, but otherwise it performs as advertised.

Recently I discovered a great tool for the outside windows, too, so I am just in clean window heaven!  This is from Windex, and it’s called the Outdoor All-In-One.  It’s like a Swiffer mop with a stick-on pad that’s infused with window cleaner.  You spray the window with your garden hose, clean, then rinse it off with the hose again and you’re done.  No wiping, no streaking.  And it really works!!  It says each pad will do 20 windows, but I can’t vouch for that yet.  I did do my entire front door plus two large windows and three double hungs and it was still going strong.  And it took me about 15 minutes to do all that.  It costs about $15 for the initial kit with one cleaning pad, and refill pads are $5 for two.  Worth every penny, in my opinion.

Notice how sparkly clean my front door is??


  1. I’m impressed that you clean your windows–we just buy thicker drapes 😉

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