Posted by: Susan | April 11, 2009

The Best Thing To Do On Tax Day

Besides filing your taxes, of course.  In case you’ve been living under a rock or getting all your news from NBC (in which case you probably wouldn’t be here anyway), you should know that several thousand of your closest friends are having a little get-together on Wednesday, April 15.  In fact, several of them.  You can find one near you here.  This map below isn’t interactive, unfortunately, but it will give you some idea of the scope of this thing:

Tea Party Map

This event is truly bi-partisan and for anyone who thinks government spending is out of control.  And if you think it’s no big deal, you just haven’t been paying attention.  Yes, it started with the Bush administration, but the current Congress has taken it to levels never before seen or imagined.  Take a look at this if you need convincing:

obama debt

This is the actual and projected budget deficit through 2019.  You’ll note that the projections of the White House and the Congressional Budget Office are slightly different but follow the same trend lines. 

So what does this mean to you?  Well, first of all, forget those “tax breaks for 95%” of all Americans.  If you earn any money at all, it’s going to be confiscated by the federal government at greater and greater rates to pay for government.  Don’t forget, the government has no money until they take it from you.  (BTW, many people seem to have conveniently forgotten that the Bush tax cuts benefited everyone who pays taxes, not just the so-called “rich,” and that when they are allowed to expire your taxes are going up.  Guaranteed.)

So maybe you don’t pay income taxes?  It never fails to amaze me that people who get a refund or don’t have to ante up additional funds on April 15 because their withholding covered their debt to Uncle Sam think they don’t pay taxes.  But if you’re reading this, you’re clearly not that stupid, so let’s not go there.

And what about your local government?  Revenues are dropping faster than the Dow Jones as real estate values plummet and unemployment soars.  States, cities, towns, and municipalities of all sizes are feeling the pain as their coffers shrink but their spending doesn’t.  Businesses that help to support communities are disappearing, too, victims of the recession and excessive taxation.  Who’s left to pay for all those parks and libraries and schools and police and fire protection and streets and roads and bridges, not to mention salaries and other expenses of local and state governments? By the time your local and state tax increases are added to the federal bite, you might well be advised to consider a subscription to Frugal Living.  If you can afford it on what’s left over.

This is not just hypothetical.  Someone will have to pay for what 535 people in Washington, D.C., are doing.   Imagine if some stranger could mortgage your house or run up your credit card bill without your permission.  Any time they “needed” more money and in any amount.  No limit.  And imagine that you had no recourse, other than to pay the bill.  And when you die, your children have to pay it.  Wouldn’t you be hopping mad?  Wouldn’t you want that person to be stopped?

We can stop this.  There are 300,000,000+ of us and 535 of them.  The first step is to let those 535 folks know that we get it and we’re serious.  Get out there with your friends and let your voice be heard.  And just in case you need a little more inspiration…


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