Posted by: Susan | April 17, 2009

Neo-Nazis, Militias, Secessionists and Racists

That’s who is behind the Tea Parties that took place on April 15 and and are planned again for July 4, at least according to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and an “unnamed senior aide” in the House.  Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois has a statement on her website about these “despicable” and “shameful” gatherings.  (Her husband spent time in federal prison for, among other things, tax fraud.  You can’t even make up this stuff.)

These are some of the faces of these despicable and shameful rabble rousers.

Aren’t these people just frightening?  There are literally hundreds and hundreds more photos like these, but you get the idea.  These are folks who haven’t the faintest idea of what it means to protest, who have never in their lives even thought about doing such a thing before.  One of the videos of the Chicago gathering showed a speaker asking the crowd to “look down and pick up any paper you see on the ground.”  They didn’t want to litter.

These are our friends, co-workers and neighbors that are scaring the bejeebers out of CNN and their ilk.  Frankly, I hope all of them, including Nancy Pelosi and Jan Schakowsky, are really as stupid and out of touch as they sound.

Now let’s get ready to rock Independence Day!


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