Posted by: Susan | April 24, 2009

The Best Example of Porkulus Spending

I’m almost willing to bet that this is, in fact, not the best example, but it’s a pretty good one.  Watch the airport manager’s face when asked about the repaving at about 1:51.  (You might want to make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure and/or anti-nausea medication before viewing.)

Did you get that — three flights a day, all between Johnstown and Washington Dulles.  If this isn’t a boondoggle, I don’t know what one looks like.

True story — my husband related to me a story of his trip to this very airport to make a sales call at the local hospital.  At the deserted car rental counter in the deserted airport, he picked up the phone to get his car.  It was answered by the local manager/owner, who was at home having dinner with his family.  He asked Don where he was going, which was to the local hotel then to the hospital in the morning and back to the airport for his return flight.  The manager said, “You don’t need a car.  See that guy down at the end of the corridor?  His name is Ed, and he’s the taxi driver.  Go talk to him, and he’ll take you where you need to go.”  So Don did as he was directed, and Ed took him to the hotel and to the hospital the next day and picked him up there to take him back to the airport.  Don asked how busy he’d been that day, and the reply was that Don had been his only fare in the last two days.

H/T to RedState.



  1. And CNN Reporters Don’t understand why us “uneducated Rednecks” are having Tea Parties?
    I’m surprised CNN reported on this in the 1st place.

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