Posted by: Susan | June 17, 2009

Now They’ve Gone Too Far – A Call for Action

Now I’m mad.  Really, really mad. Foaming at the mouth mad.  I have sat by and watched our so-called journalists and media slobber all over our new president and his coolness, marvel at his ability to kill flies barehanded, drool over Michelle’s arms and fashion sense (?), the dog, the kids…I have heard about thrills up the leg, questions about whether he’s “enchanted,” et cetera, et cetera, et gag-me cetera.  The supposed watchdog of the government has, for the most part, turned a blind eye to the greatest consolidation of power in history, unprecedented deficits, and historic government intervention in private business.  My coping mechanism has been simply not to watch, listen, or read…to vote with my feet, as it were.  If I had my way, NBC would be banned from entering my house in any form.  (If you don’t know about the brewing scandal involving the CEO of GE, which owns NBC, and his cozying up to Obama so that GE will make millions from both electronic health care records and cap and trade legislation, then you better get on Google and start finding out for yourself because I don’t have time to go into it and you won’t hear a word about it from the mainstream media.)

I have long since stopped watching anything produced by ABC “News,” including Good Morning America, 20/20, and the nightly news.  I used to like Charlie Gibson a lot, even though we differ politically, but that ended with his looking-down-his-nose interview with Sarah Palin during the campaign.  And you do know that they get their “news” direct – they have acknowledged that George Stephanopolus participates in a daily conference call with White House officials, including his good friend Rahm Emanuel.  And they see no conflict in that.

But now ABC is planning an ALL-DAY event to promote Obama’s health care plans.  This initiative is in real trouble, thanks in part to our own Reps. Tom Price and Phil Gingrey of Georgia, both physicians.  So ABC is planning to broadcast GMA and the evening news FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, to be followed by a prime-time “special” entitled “Prescription for America” which will promote government run health care.  That will be followed by “Nightline,” and guess what the subject will be.  The infomercial will contain NO opposing viewpoints, despite objections from the Republican National Committee. 

Can you even imagine ABCNBCCBSCNN giving even 10 minutes to George Bush to talk about Social Security reform, or the Iraq war or the surge or anything else he proposed??  This is state-run media, people, and we cannot continue to stand for it.  Here is a partial list of sponsors for these programs.  I beg you, call, email, write…just let these advertisers know that we will not tolerate their continued support of this.  They will listen.  You don’t for one minute think David Letterman’s apology to Sarah Palin was HIS idea, do you?  I will add more as I learn of them.

Aloha Airlines
Mailing Address:
Aloha Airlines Customer Relations
P.O. Box 30028
Honolulu, Hawaii 96820
Telephone support: 888-771-2855 (or) 808-539-5994
Fax support: 808-539-5999

Sears National Customer Relations
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Customer Service #: 1-800-349-4358

Mr. Clean and Swiffer
Divisions of Home Made Simple
Email Form

Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab Bank, N.A.
5190 Neil Road, Suite 100
Reno, NV 89502-8532

Kellogg’s  (also a sponsor of David Letterman)
Email Page
Consumer Affairs Number: 800-962-1413

Chase Rewards Card
Email Page
Phone: 1-800-432-3117


Go to and enter your zipcode to find your state/local numbers

A division of Proctor & Gamble
email form.

Subway Franchise Headquarters
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT 06460 USA
Tel.(203) 877-4281 / (800) 888-4848




399 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10043


Home Depot

Red Lobster
Corporate HQ:
5900 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 245-4000

Hyundai Motor America
HQ: 714-965-3000


Media Relations: 1-706-243-8004
Customer Service: 1-800-992-3522
Admin Service: 1-877-353-9487

(800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
Email form –


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