Posted by: Susan | December 30, 2009

Reflections On A Decade

Can it really be a whole decade since we worried about Y2K and our computers all crashing?  Are we really one-tenth of the way through the 21st century already?  We haven’t even figured out what to call this decade yet, and it’s almost over.  From a purely personal perspective, this is the decade in which:

  • I didn’t change addresses for the first decade in my life.
  • The 2000 presidential election shenanigans caused me to wake up and pay attention to what’s going on in Washington.
  • We elected George W. Bush twice and then finally broke the color barrier to the White House (wrong person, but it still matters).
  • I quit smoking, and so did some other long-time smokers I know.
  • My husband got new knees and lost part of his colon (I kept all my body parts, and I’m older than he is!).
  • I became a senior citizen (at least in the eyes of Publix and the Social Security Administration, if not according to Medicare).
  • I didn’t spend even one minute in the corporate world.
  • I drove the same car the entire decade.
  • I learned to blog, to Twitter, and to deal with the ups and downs of Facebook.
  • Thanks to the internet, I reconnected with some old friends and family.
  • After nearly 30 years with the same company, I changed jobs 5 times.
  • I  lost my beloved Chloe on a Thanksgiving morning.
  • Technology continues to boggle the mind.  Who would have thought a decade ago that we’d all be old hands at burning CD’s, digital photography (when’s the last time you saw a roll of film?), emailing all sorts of stuff including legal documents, pictures, videos, and watching TV and movies on our (flat, wide-screen) computer monitors?  Not to mention what we can do with our cell phones.
  • I gained a devious Border Collie, who is the smartest dog in the world, and an Old English Sheepdog, who is the funniest and quirkiest dog in the world, and I love them both dearly, along with their big brother, Alex the mutt.
  • Alex had successful knee surgery.
  • No cats were lost or added.  At 17, 13, and 11, someone has to go this decade.
  • We gained a grand-dog and a grand-cat, but still no human grandchildren.  Maybe next decade.
  • We became a three-computer family.  How did we ever survive before?  Let’s not talk about how many TV’s we can’t live without.

I’m sure there are other highlights I’m forgetting, and there was some not-so-fun stuff that’s just as well forgotten.  Some major milestones await us in the next decade, but we take one day at a time and try to appreciate what comes our way.  So Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! (Twenty-ten, or will it be Two-thousand-ten??)


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