Posted by: Susan | March 4, 2010

The Smoky Eye

I love makeup.  I think you’re never too old to try to look good and to feel good about yourself.  Maybe I get this from my paternal grandmother, who – according to my mother, at least – put on fresh makeup before she went to bed in case she was attacked during the night.  (This was the same Nana who, when her hearing began to fade, put a sign next to her doorbell that said “Ring Loud.”  Think about it.)

Anyway, I don’t wear makeup to bed, but I do love to try new products and if I were a rich woman would spend a lot of time at Ulta  and Sephora trying out everything in the store.  I also believe you don’t have to spend a fortune on this stuff. 

My latest discovery is Cover Girl’s smokyshadowblast eye shadow.  It comes in a tube like lipstick, with a base color on one end and the smoky accent color on the other.   For a daytime look, you just swipe the base color, then line with the accent color, smoky_shadowblast_eyeshadow_1 fill in the crease with it, blend a little, and voila!  It takes all of a minute to do it.  For evening, you can go a little more dramatic with the accent color.  Instructions are included.  There are six different color combinations.

The only place I’ve found it is at Rite-Aid, for $8.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must point out that there are reviews on Cover Girl’s website and they are not universally positive.  The stick will break off if it’s unwound too far, and the contoured tip will loss its shape just like lipstick does.  But I’ve had no problems with creasing or smudging or short wear time.   For me, this is my newest favorite thing, but I’m just sayin’…YMMV!


  1. Ooooh, I’ll have to try these.

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