Posted by: Susan | March 24, 2010

Red Alert Regarding Red Envelope

Red Envelope is an upscale mail order operation ( from whom I’ve ordered several times.  This last time, however, when I ordered a Christmas gift, they automatically enrolled me in a program that has been charging $14.95 monthly to my debit card.  They call this “Red Envelope Rewards,” but the only one getting rewarded was this scammer!  I shop online frequently, and am very, very careful to watch what I’m agreeing to when I provide my credit card information.  In this case, they ask only for your email address and name so that they can send you a $15 gift certificate toward a future purchase.  Apparently hidden somewhere in the fine print is information about the ongoing charges.  Neither the gift certificate nor the “Welcome package” (which I learned about while on hold today) ever arrived. Nor is there ANY information about this program anywhere on their website.

I have demanded a full refund (luckily, they only got me for two months) and have filed a deceptive practices complaint with the Georgia Consumer Affairs department.  So BEWARE of these merchants, all related:

Red Envelope

Pro Flowers

Cherry Moon

Shari’s Berries

Please pass this on to all your friends who shop online!

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