Posted by: Susan | June 25, 2008

Update to The Best Shaggy Dog Story

When we last left our hero, Arthur, he was being cared for by Christina, who came to his aid at a moment’s notice when his owner, Stephen, asked for help.  (I have tried for an hour to figure out how to link to the original post, but frankly I would rather write than figure out technical stuff. So you will just have to go to the May archives if you haven’t seen it or need to refresh your memory, so sorry!)

Here’s Arthur when he was first rescued —


And after a bath and trim to remove his mats —

After Christina took him in and reported on his deplorable condition, the soap opera started.  Stephen’s sister (the supposed villain of the piece) weighed in to the forum and blamed Stephen for all Arthur’s troubles and ranted about their “mentally unstable (mother) with a criminal background.”  Wouldn’t you love to be around that family’s Thanksgiving dinner table?  Then the accusations started flying among the three parties and other observers starting taking sides.  Just as it was getting really interesting, the forum moderator shut the discussion down.  (RATS!!)

Next thing we heard was that Arthur was getting growly with Christina and refusing to follow her commands.  (The latter part is legendary among Sheepdogs; the former most certainly is not).  She was worried that he might have simmering aggression issues and she might not be able to keep him, but got lots of advice from other forum members which seems to be working as of this writing.

After much discussion and soul searching, Stephen decided that he really couldn’t keep Arthur and asked Christina if she would adopt him.  She and her family, in turn, carefully considered all the ramifications and have decided to give Arthur a forever home.  So here he is with his new brother and sister —


Don’t you just love a happy ending?  And LOVE those Sheepie smiles!!


  1. I just hate it when a brawl breaks out in a forum and the moderators shut it down right when it starts getting interesting.

    I love the happy ending to the story for the fur baby–good post!

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