Posted by: Susan | February 11, 2009

The Best Dog Stories of The Day

This from a member of my Old English Sheepdog forum who lives in Utah:

“(Buffet our boy that has been afraid of his shadow since we got him, he’s come a long way) Cool

So Buffett and I are doing a speed walk this afternoon trying to out run a fast moving, nasty looking storm. We lost and the storm caught up with us about half way through the walk…..whipping wind, wet snow, and I’m not dressed for wet weather.
I have my head down trying to keep the snow/slush out of my eyes as we walk by the grade school field. I hear sobbing and look up to see a little girl, maybe 6, standing in the field alone, coat in one hand, book bag in the other, snow sticking to her back from head to toe. A couple of older boys stopped to talk to her so I walked on. A few feet and Buffett stopped dead, looked into the field and back at me. I pushed him on for a few more feet, he stopped, looked in the field and back at me. I told him to get moving and he refused, looking out in the field. I did the same thing, looked in the field and the little girl was out there all alone.

Alright, lets go, and Buff turned around and headed for the field. As we walked toward the little girl a boy about 8 saw us and started to follow us.
Once we arrived Buff stood stock still while I gathered two small, distressed kids, got them bundled up, so that we could walk back to the school and a warm place to stay until parents could be found.

A teacher met us half way to the building and took the kids in. She treated me like a child molester after I gathered children that were allowed out of the building without a ride, parent or bus.

The entire time, with strangers and upset kids, my boy Buffett was a perfect gentleman, in fact he was a bit of a hero, insisting I go off the track and help the poor little girl.  Didn’t matter to Buff that the person that came to gather the kids was a bi**h, his step had a higher bounce as we started home, wet and matted with wet snow.

I just love that goofy boy dog.”


I couldn’t find a picture of her boy Buffet, so this one will have to do.

 And this, from Winnipeg:


 “Gordon was trying to get Hudson to “go kennel” yesterday. He showed him some cookies and walked to the crate. Hudson followed, but bolted up the stairs instead (we’re going through a rebellious teenager phase at the moment).

Gordon had already tossed the cookies into the kennel and went to go drag Hudson back. No one noticed that our older sheepie, Portage, decided to go into the kennel and eat the cookies himself. (It has been at least a decade since Portage had to spend time in a kennel.)

Gordon had Hudson by the collar, and “coaxed” him back, sending him in. NONE of us realized that the large crate under the stairs was already occupied, and apparently the surprise did not go well for Hudson either.

Hudson ran in. The kennel shook. A cloud of dust rose, and there were sounds you only hear in cartoons. At one point I believe the crate was airbourne by three or four inches, and bounced off the wall.


And a very calm dignified Portage (our older dog) walked out with his head held high. Hudson sat quietly in his kennel – cookieless.

Appparently that was an example of what happens when a crate reaches critical mass.

Today, Hudson has been checking his crate carefully before entering. “


  1. love the nose pic!

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